Photographers United Pro is a Worldwide Community of Professional Photographers and Film-makers, that was formed in October 2017, with the aim of helping each other to help ourselves, in this ever changing industry.

Our continual goal is to build a community that enables all members to work together, with the ideals of professionalism and the valuing of photography. We stand for equal opportunities for all and will ensure that diversity is actively encouraged and supported.

Mutual Support

One of the unique aspects of Photographers United Pro is in building an ethos that members are encouraged to be very generous with their time and sharing of their knowledge.

For example, this could include several very useful and informative comments on our Facebook Page that might cover recommending locations, post production houses and assistants, software issues, new equipment, expert repairers and offers or discounts. Some ask each other for advice on marketing, insurance, copyright and infringements, fees and expenses, accountants and legal issues. Others might recommend exhibitions, including publicising their own shows and recent work.

Members help and advise on folio design, websites, or how to design and produce a beautiful photobook. We publish fascinating members blogs regularly, covering all sorts of visual topics and obscure techniques. We are also delighted to promote our members work on our website. Please pass on the word!


We are now working with some of the UK’s top Commercial Photography BA Degree and MA courses and are developing links where our community can help and support their best graduates over the very difficult first years breaking into the industry. Mentoring also happens naturally both short and longer term among our community.

Younger members may seek advice on establishing themselves in the business, from more established members, but bring to our community an expertise in websites, software, fresh visual ideas and social media skills, for example, that are certainly equally as valuable.